"Sweet and Spicy Love"


Food reality television/ celebrity cooking-show

Presented by

Trevor "Doom" Buck Huntley, Upsilon Underwood (the Mink)

Country of Origin

What The Hecksville

Original language(s)


No. of seasons


No. of episodes


Running time

23 minutes

Production company(s)

Face Co. Pictures

Original Channel

Yo Momma Channel

Original run

June 1, 2014 – present

Sweet and Spicy Love (sometimes Sweet 'n' Spicy Love) is a celebrity cooking-show television series created, starring, and hosted by Trevor "Doom" Buck Huntley and Upsilon Underwood, and produced by Face Co. Pictures. The show’s main premise is to introduce the studio audience and viewers alike to new, exciting, and fresh ways to add excitement to a new or faltering relationship, all the while learning new cooking techniques that will make life in the kitchen a little easier.

Cast MembersEdit

This is a list of all-star cast members and crew members that have appeared on some/most episodes of the show, or they are behind the scenes in the editing studio, making the magic happen!

  • Trevor "Doom" Buck Huntley (co-host, head chef)
  • Upsilon Underwood the Mink (co-host, sous-chef)
  • Mwah the Raven (entertainer)
  • Elias the Echidna (jerk food critic)
  • Zackery the Hedgewolf Demon (lighting)
  • Sigma the Mink (director's personal assistant)
  • Paws the Wolf (with a Speedo, director)
  • Drake the Echidna (that one guy)
  • Julie-Su the Echidna (creepy fan)
  • Kestrel the Pika ("WTF" girl, disturbed audience member)
  • Theta the Mink (audio mixer, song DJ, technically an audience member)
  • Rex the Dog (film editor, additional audience member)
  • Creepy Rex the Dog Mask (film editor's assistant, that one weird guy you avoid to be alone with at all costs, additional audience member, additional audience member)
  • Carla Shaw (audience member)
  • Ice Dad (audience member, doesn't say much)
  • Epsilon the Minkidna (audience member, cheering on his dad)
  • River the Echidna (audience member, upset wife of Upsilon the Mink)
  • Bubbles the Minkidna (audience member, sister of Epsilon, cheering on her dad)
  • Other additional audience members


More Comin' Soon!Edit

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