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"YEAH RIGHT! Why would I believe you?! You tried to kill me, and all of this is YOUR fault! I'M FINDING TITO!"

- Kniro the Amur Leopard, Lippies V.5

Kniro the Amur Leopard (pronounced nigh-roe) is the main protagonist of the Lippies series, starting at Lippies V.5, replacing Knuckles the Echidna from former versions of Lippies. Kniro is a sixteen-year-old red fictional Amur leopard, (previously twenty in Lippies V.5), who general prefers to be alone unless with his one close friend, Tito the Mink. Originally residing at Clover Falls, Kniro was finally chased from his home when THE WILSON BROTHERS INVADED

Though Kniro lacks the ability to trust others, once he has known someone for a while he can be a loyal friend who will put his life behind others. However, if his trust is broken once with someone, it is nearly impossible to regain. Because of his trust issues, he is not very approachable. At times, Kniro can sense if someone is good or not, and his senses are usually (but not always) correct. He often prefers being alone or only with others he is close with. Although others often perceive Kniro as dumb, he is actually fairly intelligent, and is also a skilled fighter.


Lippies V.5Edit

Kniro was born near Clover Falls, and grew up with his parents Larianne the Amur Leopard and Lance the Amur Leopard until he was abandoned by his mother at the age of thirteen. Although Kniro does not speak much about his childhood, it is known that it wasn't very good. His mother was apparently very selfish and somewhat abusive, thus not caring much for Kniro. His father died when Kniro was nearly ten for unexplained reasons, although Kniro believed it was his mother that killed him. To get away from his parents, Kniro often walked away from his home near the rocks while his parents were in the middle of fighting and not paying attention to what else was happening. He would go near the river where it was quieter. Because of this, Kniro preferred to be alone most of the time where there was peace and quiet, even after his parents were gone.

Outside his normal family, Kniro also met two minks named Jett and Ivory. He met them once when he was sitting by the river and Jett's airplane motor broke down nearby. Looking for someone to help him find the nearest shop where he could possibly find a place to eat, he spotted Kniro instead. Since Kniro had not met anyone other than his parents, he was terrified of the two minks and ran away. Jett and Ivory decided to stay and see if they could help Kniro, when the next night they found him again. However, that time something had happened to Kniro and Jett realised he had to help him, therefore a vague explanation for Kniro's metallic hands and feet. From that point on, Kniro realised that Jett and Ivory were his friends and he thought of them more as parent figures than his biological parents.

It wasn't until a while later when Jett and Ivory were not showing up anymore. Kniro did not understand what had happened until his mother made a remark about them. Then he realised his mother had probably done something to Jett and Ivory. Kniro became the most upset than he had ever been when he realised this.

One thing Kniro knew about Jett and Ivory is that they also had children of there own, except someone had taken them away and Jett and Ivory were very upset about this. After Larianne abandoned Kniro, Kniro lived at Clover Falls for the next three years of his life. Shortly after his mother's departure, he ended up finding Jett's scarf and goggles. Kniro kept them to remember the ones who actually cared for him.

Later when Kniro was fifteen, after living alone for two years, one day a young mink came by. Remembering Jett and Ivory, Kniro almost ran up to him when he realised he was obviously someone else. To be safe, Kniro kept his distance from the mink, but continued to watch him and wondered what he was up to. However, the mink noticed Kniro watching him and was frightened. He began to run off, calling for Strider, and Kniro decided to run after him. He tried to stop the mink from running, until a lynx jumped down from nowhere and hit Kniro to get him away from the mink. Kniro became afraid of the lynx and ran off. Strider, the lynx, suggested they left the falls right away to get away from Kniro, except the mink, Tito became curious of Kniro. He ran off looking for him instead, forcing Strider to chase after. They found Kniro, and with his genuine kindness Tito was able to gain Kniro's trust after a while. Kniro and Tito became best friends while Kniro and Strider were somewhat both friends and rivals, as they often bickered.

Months later, Kniro and Tito woke up in a strange hospital when suddenly Strider busted into the room holding a handgun, threatening to shoot Tito. Kniro grabbed Tito and they jumped out the window. With Tito's strange ability of aerokinesis, he was able to get them both to the ground without getting hurt. They ran off back to where Tito's workshop and Strider's house were located, and lived there for the next four years.

The longer Kniro knew Tito, the more he had a feeling Jett and Ivory were Tito's parents. Kniro never told Tito about this or much of his childhood in general, however, until much later during Lippies V.5.

Lippies V.6Edit

Since Lippies V.5, Kniro's history has had some changes made to it. Much like before, Kniro was born at Clover Falls. Kniro was raised with normal parents as a single child. His parents were friends with two minks, Jett the Mink and Ivory the Mink, who were also the parents of Tito and Kyo. Kniro and Tito basically grew up together, therefore becoming very close friends.

Unfortunately, later when Kniro was fourteen, his family was attacked by three paochers the WILSON BROTHERS!!!!!!!! Kniro ended up surviving when Jett found him, although Jett had to build him the metallic limbs due to injuries. Kniro ended up staying at his house instead, until day while Jett and Ivory were out and the kids were home, they disappeared and never returned! OH


After Kniro, Tito and Kyo were at the house by themselves for a while, as they were too afraid to leave because of THE WILSON BROTHERS, another incident occurred - a psychopathic lynx was on the loose, causing havoc in the town nearby. Eventually he found their house, and as they managed to escape, they eventually ran into Owen and his friend, Paws the Wolf. Kniro, Tito and Kyo joined them, and together they ran off to a safer area away from the town and the crazy lynx.

Uh, yeah...?


Lippies V.5Edit

In the new version of Lippies, Kniro replaces Knuckles's role from the older versions, therefore Kniro is the new main character. Since Lippies will no longer be a Sonic fanfiction, it will no longer revolve around Sonic's world or characters. Kniro's role in the new Lippies is very similar to Knuckles's from the older versions. His only friend is Tito the Mink since Strider the Lynx had become evil and obsessed with "Lippies". Kniro tries to protect Tito from Strider while also avoiding Strider himself since he is trying to kill Kniro.

During Lippies V.5, Kniro faces many conflicts similar to those from older versions of Lippies. At times, these conflicts have an affect on his and Tito's friendship. Often during Lippies V.5, Kniro is seperated from his best friend, forcing him to work with others such as Paws the Wolf, which Kniro is not used to.

Lippies V.6Edit

Kniro's role in Lippies V.6 is similar to that in Lippies V.5, however with some changes, mainly in personality, design, age, etc. His relationships with other characters have been slightly modified as well.


Lippies V.5Edit

Kniro's personality is quite similar to that of Knuckles from earlier versions of of Lippies (versions 4 and earlier). Kniro is quite smart to the contrary of most other character's beliefs, as most tend to think of him as a violent idiot. Kniro often makes mistakes, which can lead him to trouble, and although he is not very trusting of anyone, he still sometimes falls into the traps of others. He is quite over-protective of Tito, as Tito is his best friend and Kniro had never met someone as kind as Tito besides Tito's parents, which Tito reminds Kniro of. One of Kniro's downfalls is his short-temper, as he gets angry very easily and at times ends up destroying things. If he's not angry, Kniro is usually quite laid-back. Kniro is possibly one of the most stubborn characters, rivaling Jenny the Amur Leopard's stubborness, which is what causes a lot of the grief in the Lippies series. Kniro tends to prefer being alone, although he does not mind company if it is his close friends, which he has few of.

Lippies V.6Edit

While Kniro's personality is similar to that in Lippies V.5, he is less grumpy and serious than before. Other than that, he is basically the same.


Lippies V.5Edit

Kniro's short temper is one of his biggest downfalls. He also has troubles dealing with any major changes in his life as he normally prefers consistency. He is not very good at making friends, which may be part of his trust issues. He also has a bit of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as he will freak out in certain situations, mainly due to his childhood and his insane mother. He normally dislikes a lot of yelling or fighting, or flying objects. Kniro's extreme stubbornness can also act as a weakness for him as it puts him in a lot of bad situations. His obsession with protecting Tito and his stubborness can make it easy for others to manipulate him or get him stuck in a bad position.

Lippies V.6Edit

Kniro's weaknesses are mainly the same, however he does not really have PTSD for the same reason, if at all. He may have it to a degree, because, THE WILSON BROTHERS. Kniro is also a very poor runner due to his metallic limbs, which are quite heavy and awkward to run with.


Despite not having many friends, Kniro is very loyal to the close ones he has, especially Tito. Normally Kniro will do anything to make sure Tito is safe, and would rather risk his own life for Tito's. However, this at times can be a weakness for Kniro as well, as others can use this to their advantage. Kniro is also normally able to sense if someone is good or not; if they rub him the wrong way he will try to stay away from them as much as he can. Kniro often can tell if someone is up to something wrong.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Lippies V.5Edit

One of Kniro's main abilities is his strength. Although he is not quite as strong as Knuckles for obvious reasons, Kniro is stronger than most other characters, with his strength rivaling that of Paws the Wolf. This may be caused by the metallic hands and feet, although this is not certain as Kniro was not a victim of Dr. Lee Thompson's experiments, unlike how Paws, Tito and Kyo the Mink were. Like most felines, Kniro has the ability to climb, and glide to the same extent cats can, which allows him to jump from high areas without getting seriously injured.

Lippies V.6Edit

In Lippies V.6, Kniro does not really have the same super-strength as before, he is still somewhat strong to a degree. But it is nothing abnormal.


Basic Stats (1 is weak, 10 is strong. Total can't be greater than 40.)

Agility BPStarBPStarBPStar 3
Speed BPStarBPStar 2
Strength BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 7
Defence BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 6
Evasiveness BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 5
Dexterity BPStar 1
Intelligence BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 8
Skill BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 8
Total BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 40


Lippies V.5Edit



Tito the MinkEdit

Kniro and Tito had always been close friends, however since Strider went insane, Kniro and Tito became closer. In the new Lippies, much how Knuckles and Tails were, Kniro and Tito are best friends. Kniro can be over-protective of Tito at times, however they rarely get into fights, and when they do they usually make up soon afterwards.

Skylon the Unlucky FoxEdit

Sometime in Lippies he will meet Skylon. They probably won't say much to each other at first. I dunno, I have to think more about this, probably once I get to that part in the story.

Strider the LynxEdit

Kniro and Tito used to be friends, who sometimes bickered. However, once Strider went insane, he has been trying to kill Kniro and get Tito back on his side, rendering Strider and Tito arch enemies.

Jenny the Amur LeopardEdit

Kniro and Jenny the Amur Leopard hate each other with a fiery, searing passion. In reality, Jenny likes Kniro, however, things are complicated and Kniro hates her. (Hint: You can look at the tags below and see why probably because I don't really feel like explaining why). Other than that, Kniro also dislikes the fact how she's his cousin, and that from what they know they are the only two Amur leopards left. Jenny is a bit of a psychopath, which also reminds Kniro of his mother. One of the main reasons for Kniro's hatred of Jenny, however, is the fact that she tried to kill Tito once in the past.

Lippies V.6Edit



Other User's CharactersEdit

Kniro kind of has some relationships with other user's characters, mainly from Gem High: Year 2. (which is from another wiki...)


  • Sigma the Mink - they kind of talk to each other a lot, so I guess they're friends.
  • River the Echidna - they haven't talked a lot, but they seem to have a friendly relationship anyway.


"Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you..." (Stolen from Knuckles from I don't know what fanfic I wrote)

"No. I wouldn't want to leave you to go down by yourself and get killed." (Stolen from Knuckles from the recent Julie-Su story...I'll probably write Kniro's version of that story eventually.)

"Don't EVER hurt Tito!" (I think this was also from the Julie-Su story, but Knuckles said it a lot in general (Tails instead of Tito) so Kniro probably does too.)

Lippies V.5Edit

"I don't know what has happened to you, but can you PLEASE leave us alone!" - when Strider bothers Kniro right before the clown parade.

"Wait a was YOU from last night!" - when Kniro first meets Paws, accusing Paws of throwing plywood at him the other night.

"Do you really think I would believe that?! Wow...I'm not that stupid..." - after Paws suggests to Kniro that it was his "twin brother Claws" who threw plywood at him.

"Whatever, Tito...I'm going back can trust this wolf if you want... You're so naive..." - Kniro frustrated at Tito for trusting Paws.

"We're going back home! You're not going to a fair where they destroyed my old home with that liar of a wolf!" - when Kniro catches Tito at the Taters Scooter Race Park carnival.

"Put Tito down, Raven Way!" - Kniro yelling at Mwah the Raven, referring to the infamous fanfiction "My Immortal".

"THANKS FOR DESTROYING MY HOME, JERK!" - Kniro accusing Skylon of destroying Clover Falls since Skylon used to be apart of Taters.

"Wait a second...did Skylon betray me?! I really CAN'T trust anyone, can I?!" - Kniro thinking Skylon betrayed him.

''But at this point, I don't think anything's really gonna matter anymore..." - OH GOD LIPPIES V.3!!!! (This quote is repeated multiple times in Lippies V.3, I only just realised this way after writing this part because I actually forced myself to read it again...WHY

"Oookay...I think I know why you're here!" - when Slate is interrogating Kniro at the jail cell.

"YEAH RIGHT! Why would I believe you?! You tried to kill me, and all of this is YOUR fault! I'M FINDING TITO!" - when Paws tells Kniro to not go into the forest because he could get killed.

"Don't worry, Tito...everything should be okay now...I want to go home, too... You just have to promise to NEVER bring this up again, okay? NEVER AGAIN! Just forget it all happened!" - Kniro during his flashback.

"It's like the shackles I had in that creepy dream... I hope I don't end-up looking like that..." - when Kniro wakes up chained in a room, and thinks back to the creepy dream he had earlier wear he was mutated and wearing shackles (a reference to earlier versions of Lippies, most notably V.3).

"But you tried to kill Tito! You threw him down that icy cliff-glacier thing that was falling apart..." - when Jenny accuses him of trying to kill her.

"Leave me alone, you creepy stalker!" - when Jenny tries to stop Kniro from escaping the dungeon.

Game QuotesEdit

There are no actual existing game quotes for Kniro as he does not really appear in any games, but if he did, these would be some of his quotes.

(Standing still in a game): "I don't really want to think about that right now...", "I hope Tito's alright..." (if Tito isn't around), "What was I going to do again?", "I'm thirsty..."

Perfect score/1st place: "Wow, I'm surprised!"

2nd: "Good enough..."

3rd: "Whatever..."

4rth: "I wasn't expecting much anyway..."

Last: "Figures..."


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  • Kniro was originally created to replace Knuckles from older versions of Lippies, therefore his original design was based off Knuckles.
  • Kniro was originally going to be an Almiqui, however this was changed to Amur leopard instead. Tenrecs were also in the question, however were possibly too similar to echidnas.
    • Technically, Kniro's first-ever design was a black and red dog named Kniro, the first concepted character to replace Knuckles in a Lippies-like story, which was made before Lippies V.3 was even finished.
  • Kniro's original metal boot feet from his first design were based off Knuckles's shoes.
  • Kniro was the first Amur leopard on the Sonic Fan Character Wiki.
  • Usually when someone introduces their name or someone else's name to Kniro, he'll reply with an unsure "Okay..." or "Okay?". This originates from the newer Julie-Su story, since unintentionally, Knuckles would respond in this way every time someone told him their name or someone else's. This was added to Kniro's character since he's basically got the same personality as my interpretation of Knuckles.
  • Kniro is often used as the main character for his creator, KniroAndTito3915, somewhat replacing Rex's role.
  • Kniro is often mistaken as a cheetah, depite not having the same characteristics a cheetah would have.
  • Kniro's name is often mispronounced as "nee-roe". Although some people prefer to pronounce it that way, I honestly don't care which way you say it.
  • Due to the Youtube video "Let's Read the Sonic Fan Character Wiki - Part 5" by Goodbye18000, Kniro is often nicknamed "K'naro" (mostly by SigmaAlphaThree and Zy BG9K).
    • The nickname "K'niro" is also based off this, but also refers to Captain K'nuckles.
  • Kniro's personality in Lippies V.6 has been changed since V.6, as he appears to act less grumpy.