Mwah the Raven is a fictional, anthropomorphic raven with bright pink lips despite having a beak. He is one of the main members of Lippies Association, being Strider's lieutenant. He was originally a Sonic fan character when Lippies was originally a Sonic fanfiction until Lippies V.5.

Concept and CreationEdit

Mwah was created at the same time Paws the Wolf, Moussy the Mastiff and Spike the Porcupine were all first created, as well as the scrapped character Oinks the Pig. Originally, Mwah was to be draw as a hippo, however it was quickly changed to a crow so there would be a bird with lips. Later during Lippies V.1 his species was changed to a raven.

Mwah's name is an onomatopoeia for kissing, a reference to Lippies and how he has lips. The term originally came from a note written on a whiteboard in a school class room on the last day of school where a girl wrote "mwah!" with a drawing lips.



Mwah was initially a crow in Lippies V.1, until he was later turned into a raven near the end of V.1. All throughout Lippies, Mwah has played the same role of being the leuitenant of the leader of Lippies Association - whether be it Sonic or Strider.

Little on his backstory is known, although it is thought he used to be a worker for Dr. Lee Thomspon. The same is wondered about the rest of the Lippies members.

"Sweet and Spicy Love"Edit

"Sweet and Spicy Love" is a fictional television series and joke roleplay written by KniroAndTito3915 and SigmaAlphaThree. In the roleplay, Mwah is the entertainer of the cooking show, often twerking and playing instruments. In "Sweet and Spicy Love" Episode 12: This is Gon' Taste Fabules, Dawg, Mwah and Theta begin to show feelings for each other. This is not canon to the normal Lippies universe or SA3's normal universe, obviously.



  • Strider the Lynx
  • Alicia the Lynx
  • Moussy the Mastiff
  • Spike the Porcupine
  • Dr. Lee Thompson


Non-Canon RelationshipsEdit

  • Theta the Otter (love-interest in "Sweet and Spicy Love")
  • Upsilon the Mink (friend)
  • Trevor "Doom" Buck Huntley (friend)
  • Luna the Owl (Enemy)
  • Carlos the Wolf (Friend)


Mwah is often either really disliked or really liked by others. He never seems to have an neutral opinions towards him. He is often disliked for his creepiness and that he is a bird with big lips, or liked for the same reason. This is known for the fact that when asked "who is you least favourite Lippies character", Mwah is often chosen, while others seem to really like Mwah SA3 for example), usually in a not-serious way however.



  • Mwah is probably the most controversial of all the Lippies characters, do to the fact that people either really dislike him or really like him and there never seems to be neutral opinions towards him.
  • Mwah's hippo concept was made into a character called Burtha in the comic Oh Bonzo! Since Oh Bonzo! was cancelled, Burtha may be recreated as a minor character later on.
  • Mwah was technically the first Lippies Association character created, as he was drawn before Moussy and Spike, and well before any others such as Dr. Lee Thompson.
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