Owen the Border Collie is a fictional, anthropomorphic tri-colour Border collie, and the leader of the main group of characters in both Lippies V.1, and the most recent, Lippies V.6. He has made many appearances as a regular dog in stories from the past, but recently he has made some appearances as an anthropomorphic dog in the Lippies stories, at first as a Sonic fan character. He was later replaced with a character named Duke the Dhole in Lippies V.3, V.5 and for Lippies V.4 to prevent confusion with the regular, non-anthropomorphic version of the character, however since the original version of the character was no longer used in stories, the anthropomorphic version has been brought back for Lippies V.6 as an original character, rather than a Sonic fan character like in Lippies V.1 and V.2.

Concept and CreationEdit

Initially, Owen was a regular Border collie, starring in many different series based off him, mainly the "Tuff/Owen" series and the more updated regular Owen series. However, this changed when a Sonic version of the character was created, known as Owen the Dog. He appeared in both Lippies V.1 and V.2, until being replaced by a new character known as Duke the Dhole in Lippies V.3. As of now, Owen and Duke are separate characters in two different, unrelated series, Duke being apart of the Sonic fandom while Owen returning to the Lippies series (which is now an independent series). The anthropomorphised version of Owen returned due to the regular version of his character no longer being used.


Lippies V.1Edit

Out of all the characters in Lippies V.1, Owen's history was probably explained the most. It was known that before meeting Knuckles and Tails, Owen had two other members in his team aside from Paws the Wolf and Oinks the Pig. Unfortunately, these two unnamed members were killed during the incident where Sonic had apparently "gone insane and killed lots of people".

Later during the series, when Knuckles first encounters Cinos the Hedgehog, he thinks back to when Owen found Oinks as an abandoned baby when Owen was thirteen. Therefore Oinks was like a daughter to Owen.

After Lippies V.1, both Cinos and Oinks were scrapped.

Lippies V.2Edit

Owen's history in Lippies V.2 is completely unknown, other than the fact that he works for Julie-Su.

Lippies V.6Edit

Owen's history in V.6 is based off the one from Lippies V.1, minus Oinks. The members he had lost during the incident, this time are not confirmed dead, just missing.


Owen is quite outgoing and enjoys adventures. He is caring and likes to help out others when he can. He also has a thing for mysteries. However, he can also get annoyed easily, as he can be fairly stubborn.






  • Owen speaks with an Australian accent.
  • Owen was technically the first Sonic fan character created by KAT3915, although he was already a character before then. He is, clearly, no longer a Sonic fan character.
  • Duke is technically Owen's Sonic fan character counterpart. Their jackets are very similar as well.