Rex, also known as Rex Huntley or Rex the Dog, is a fictional, anthropomorphic black and brown dog, and the very first original character made by KAT3915, created within the first couple years of the 2000s. Although at the moment he has only recently appeared in a few joke roleplays and some cancelled He will most likely appear in a new series sometime in the future.

Concept and CreationEdit

Rex, being the very first character created by KAT, was originally based off a stuffed animal (which was also the first stuffed animal KAT had that was named and everything). Over the years, he had been often used as KAT's main character, however he eventually was pushed aside by other characters such as Owen, and series like The Doggie Diner, especially after the third Rex Mystery Novel, Rex and the Noise in the Vent failed. Later on, many attempts at reviving Rex failed, mainly due to pointlessly large main cast of characters who were mostly uninteresting, and were basically the same species.


From older series, Rex lived with his mother, his sister Marbles and his brother Trevor, who they called "Doom". Originally, Rex lived with most of the cast in one house (which was typical for older stories written by KAT, such as Lippies V.1).

Rex's father, Dexter, died before Doom was born. Coincidentally, Doom is the one child of the family who is unlikeable. Not much on Rex's history is known or very detailed at the moment.

Changes in in Recent TimesEdit

It is likely Rex's sister Marbles will be removed from the main cast, as well as the concept of her being Rex's sister being scrapped. The reason for this is the fact that there were too many characters in the main Rex cast, as well as too many of the same species (cats and dogs). Rex's overall design is similar, with recent style changes, and some added attire.