"Well... He's nicer once you know him more...you just have to gain his trust, I guess... To be honest, Kniro used to be nicer... But for the past four years, he's been different... I'm not quite sure what happened..."

- Tito the Mink

Tito the Mink is a friendly fictional, anthropomorphic silver and brown mink, and the deuteragonist of the Lippies series since Lippies V.5. He is the Kniro the Amur Leopard's closest friend, who is always there to help him and others in need. However, Tito is quite naive and at times can make the wrong choices unknowingly. In Lippies V.5, Tito had the ability to use aerokinesis, however this was changed in Lippies V.6. Tito enjoys solving math questions and puzzles, and will do so for fun.


Lippies V.5

Tito was born two years after his sister Kyo. His parents were two kind minks, Jett, a pilot, and his wife Ivory. Shortly after Tito was born, both he and his sister went missing. They were taken by an evil dermatologist sheep named Dr. Lee Thompson, who had done experiments on them giving them their special abilities. Jett and Ivory searched for their children for a long time, but after a while they began to figure it was hopeless and the motor of the plane ended up breaking-down.

When Tito was about three years of age, he was abandoned by Dr. Lee Thompson in the middle of a forest. He cried, sitting on a stump for hours, until he was found by a ten-year-old lynx named Strider. Strider decided to take care of Tito as well as he could, which was hard for his age. Strider survived by stealing food from the town and eventually finding an old house which later when Tito was older, helped Strider fix up. Strider and Tito did not always get a long super well, but they learned they had to work together in order to survive. Later when Strider was fifteen and Tito was eight, they ended up meeting Kniro the Amur Leopard. Although Tito thought Kniro was weird at first, he began to realise that he was probably a good friend. Later, Tito and Kniro became best friends, and for awhile Strider, Tito and Kniro often worked together as a group.

Later however, Tito woke up in a strange hospital. Suddenly Strider came in, threatening to shoot Tito. Kniro grabbed Tito and they jumped through a window. With his aerokinesis abilities, Tito helped them get to the ground safely. After they ran back to his workshop and Strider's house, and stayed there for four years, not ever seeing Strider again within that time span.

Lippies V.6

Tito grew up with his parents, Jett and Ivory, and his sister, Kyo. His parents were close friends with Kniro's parents, therefore Tito and Kniro became close friends as well. Their lives were fairly normal until when Tito was 10, Kniro's family was attacked by THE WILSON BROTHERS!!1!111 (goddd) and luckily Kniro survived. Jett had to make him metallic limbs. OH. Then Kniro had to live with Tito's family, until one day when Jett and Ivory went out, they never returned, and due to the earlier incident, Tito, Kniro and Kyo were too afraid to go out and look for them.

Later, a crazy lynx began invading the city and causing CHAOS! Eventually he made it to Tito's house, therefore they had to escape. They ended up running into Owen the Border collie and his friend, Paws the Wolf, and managed to escape the crazy lynx together.


Tito is a kind, innocent and loyal friend who is willing to help out anyone whenever possible. He is quite out-going and loves to have fun, even if that means solving hard math questions. He has a sort of "giving is more than receiving" outlook on things. However, Tito is also very naive, and not aware of the many dangers that lurk in the areas around him. Tito's personality has been mainly the same since Lippies V.5.

Special Abilities

Lippies V.5

In Lippies V.5, Tito had the ability to use aerokinesis. With this ability, he could control wind, which also gave himself a limited flying ability. This ability was due to experiments by Dr. Lee Thompson on Tito as a young child. This was later scrapped for Lippies V.6. This ability was also mainly used as a replacement for Tails' flying ability.

Lippies V.6

In Lippies V.6, although Tito no longer has the ability to use aerokinesis, he is highly intelligent and very skilled in building things, using gadgets and such. He does bring along with him a lot of tools and items he uses when needed, however most of these are carried in Kniro's backpack.


Basic Stats (1 is weak, 10 is strong. Total can't be greater than 40.)

Agility BPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpg 6
Speed BPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpg 5
Strength BPStar.jpgBPStar.jpg 2
Defence BPStar.jpgBPStar.jpg 2
Evasiveness BPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpg 4
Dexterity BPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpg 6
Intelligence BPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpg 9
Skill BPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpg 6
Total BPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpgBPStar.jpg 40


Lippies V.5



Lippies V.6


  • Kniro the Amur Leopard (best friend)
  • Kyo the Mink (sister)
  • Jett the Mink (father)
  • Ivory the Mink (mother)
  • Paws the Wolf
  • Owen the Border Collie


  • Strider the Lynx
  • Jenny the Amur Leopard
  • Alicia the Lynx
  • Mwah the Raven
  • Moussy the Mastiff
  • Spike the Porcupine
  • Dr. Lee Thompson

Kniro the Amur Leopard

Kniro and Tito grew up together and became inseparable friends. They always help each other out and look out for each other. The two rarely ever get into a fight, and if they do, it is usually caused by someone else trying to break their friendship, such as Jenny.

Kyo the Mink

Kyo is Tito's sister, and they have a good brother-sister relationship. At times, Kyo can worry about Tito as he's quite naive and can make the wrong choice, therefore like Kniro, she feels she has to watch over him to make sure he's okay.

Relationships with Other User's Characters

  • Sigma the Mink - Tito meets Sigma in Gem High: Year Two. They get along quite well, and Tito often offers her random juice boxes and things. WA-WA
  • River the Echidna - Tito also meets River in Gem High: Year Two. They talk during lunch time, and also get along fine.



  • Tito was adopted from Staticcat on the SFCW. Originally he had no information on personality, backstory, etc.
  • Tito was originally drawn as a Sonic fan character.
  • In Lippies V.5, Tito had the ability to use aerokinesis. However, the idea was scrapped for Lippies V.6.
  • Some of Tito's personality traits are based off Miles "Tails" Prower" from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, as he was initially used in Lippies V.5 to replace Tails from older versions of Lippies.
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