"Your not getting away without a fihgt!"

-Zackery the Hedgefox Demon

Zakcery is a hedgefox demon, he's quiet but around friends he's quite obnoxious. He loves having fun like at paries but he doesn't really like hanging out with others very much. He's usually nice to others though even though he's a demon (this is rarely seen).
Zackery the Hedgefox Demon

this is zackery



Zackery the Hedgefox Demon


Hedgefox demon


Unknown (neutral)


Helping, parties, soda, Monster, winning,


Death, pain, sadness


Unknowns (immortal)


Rouge the bat?


Knuckles, Sonic


Dr. Eggman




he's a red hedgehfox, he wears a black trench coat, black spiky shoes, torn brown gloves, black spiked wrist bands, a backwards hat, goggles, headphones, black bandana, sunglasses, skull nose peircing, bandaid, red shorts, skull belt, chains, cross, and he has nrown hair and a fox tail with quills. Oh he also has blue and black wrist bands.


Zack has a short temper, but he's quite nice to his friends, but he doesn't have a lot of friends since he's antisocial. He does love hanging out with others to have, but not very often as he doesn't like to ALL the time. pa-pow!


Zackery was born as a normal kid, but one day he ran into eggman who possessed him. Zackery ended up becoming a demon, but, he was banished because he wsn't bad enough to bea demon. So he ended up being a loner, he eventually met Rouge and they worked at GUN together, until Zack got badly injured, rougr tied to save him, but he fell off the cliff and landed on the Master Emerald. That's when Knuckles let him stay with him, then wehn Knuckles had to go he let Zackery guard the Master Emerald, but Zackery decied to steal it! So Knucles didn't trust him after that really. SOnic caught Zackery, and took the emerald back! Zackery was banished again and went off to find different friends :(


Zackery the Hedgefox Demon

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Zachery the Demon Hedgefox

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